Liability Release Agreement

  1. Introduction
  2. Definitions
  3. Reservations
  4. Use & Safety Guidelines
    1. Proper Use of Equipment for Mobility Scooters
    2. Proper Use of Equipment for Wheelchairs
    3. General Safety Precautions
    4. Prohibited Uses
  5. Equipment Condition and Return
    1. Pre-Rental Inspection
    2. Equipment Maintenance
    3. Return Condition
  6. Damage & Loss Policy
    1. Responsibilities for Damage or Loss
    2. Reporting Procedure for Damage or Loss
    3. Repair and Replacement Costs
  7. Liability Release & Indemnity Agreement
  8. Payment Terms
    1. Deposits & Fees
    2. Cancellation, Early Termination Policy & Refund Policy
    3. Rental Extension Policy
  9. Dispute Resolution
    1. Governing Law
    2. Arbitration Clause
  10. Emergency Procedures
  11. Manufacturer Defects
  12. Privacy Policy
  13. Statement of Awareness
  14. Parent/Guardian Information
  15. Contact Information
  16. Signature


Aloha and thank you for choosing UGo Mobility! We’re thrilled to provide you with our top-of-the-line mobility scooters and wheelchairs, making your Oahu vacation or day-to-day life more accessible and enjoyable. We believe that mobility and endurance challenges shouldn’t keep you from exploring our beautiful island, and we’re here to make sure they don’t.   Our mission at UGo Mobility is to Inform, Inspire, and Empower those with mobility or endurance issues through affordable, independent mobility and accessibility. This agreement aligns with our insurance requirements, ensuring the highest standards of safety and responsibility. Should you have any questions or need clarification on any part of this agreement, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Your trust and comfort are our top priorities.   This Policy Agreement contains crucial information about your rights, responsibilities, and obligations as a UGo Mobility customer. It covers how to properly use and care for our equipment, what to do in case of damage or loss, and the extent of our liability. We’ve designed this agreement with your safety and satisfaction in mind, as well as to protect our ability to continue serving you and the Oahu community. It’s important that you read and understand this document thoroughly before signing.   Please note that by signing this agreement, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and accepted all of its terms and conditions. This Policy Agreement forms a binding contract between you and UGo Mobility. We sincerely appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Together, we can ensure a safe, enjoyable, and inclusive mobility experience for everyone.


“UGo Mobility” (“UGo”, “we”, “us”, “our”) refers to UGo Mobility, a company based in Oahu, HI, that rents mobility scooters and wheelchairs. “Customer” (“you”, “your”) refers to any individual, group, or entity that rents equipment from UGo Mobility. “Equipment” refers to any mobility scooter, wheelchair, or any other item rented by the customer from UGo Mobility. “Rental Period” refers to the duration of time for which the equipment is rented by the customer, starting from the time the equipment is collected or delivered until it is returned to UGo Mobility. “Damage” refers to any harm, breakage, or deterioration affecting the normal function or appearance of the equipment, beyond normal wear and tear. “Loss” refers to situations in which the equipment is stolen, lost, or in any way rendered irretrievable during the rental period. “Rental Agreement” refers to the contract signed by the customer, which outlines the terms and conditions of renting equipment from UGo Mobility. “Liability Release” refers to the customer’s agreement to not hold UGo Mobility responsible for certain types of damages or injuries incurred while using the rented equipment. “Rental Period”: Define the duration of the rental, including start and end times. “Liability”: Clarify what constitutes liability in the context of equipment rental. “Damage”: Define what constitutes damage to the equipment, including wear and tear. “Agreement”: Specify what constitutes the entire agreement, including any referenced documents or appendices. “Rental Period”: Refers to the specific duration of time for which the Customer has rented Equipment from UGo Mobility, commencing at the time of delivery or pick-up and ending at the agreed-upon return time. “Liability”: Constitutes the legal responsibility of the Customer or UGo Mobility, as applicable, for any damages, injuries, or losses incurred in connection with the use, misuse, or malfunction of the Equipment. “Damage”: Refers to any physical harm, alteration, or defect to the Equipment that impairs its value, functionality, or normal use, including but not limited to scratches, dents, tears, broken parts, or excessive wear and tear. “Agreement”: Comprises the entire contract between UGo Mobility and the Customer, including this Policy Agreement, any addenda, schedules, or exhibits attached hereto, and any other documents expressly incorporated by reference.