Mobility Scooter and Power Wheelchair Rentals in Hawaii

U-Go Mobility is Hawaii’s #1 source of mobility scooters and power wheelchair rentals.



First of all we want to thank you for visiting our website!

U-Go Mobility rents mobility scooters, power wheelchairs and oxygen equipment to visitors of Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands. We want to be a resource for seniors, elderly and disabled travelers that are coming to Hawaii. Hopefully our website will allow you to see the various places that folks can go even if they can’t walk long distances or other have health issues. Everyone should be able to experience the true beauty of the Islands and not be left behind at a hotel room or stuck sitting on a bench!

U-Go Mobility also rents stationary oxygen concentrators that are too heavy, bulky and expensive to bring and stow on a plane. Who wants to bring that type of heavy equipment to Hawaii anyway?

U-Go Mobility not only rents mobility scooters, power wheelchairs, personal transporters, wheelchairs and oxygen concentrators but we take pride in our service which includes making sure you know where you can go on Oahu with powered mobility equipment and wheelchairs. Check out our Makapu’u Lighthouse video that we put together down below to give you a better idea on places you can go with a mobility scooter in Hawaii.

We service the entire Island of Oahu and offer free delivery and pick-up to all the hotels, resorts and condominiums in the Waikiki, Honolulu and Ko’olina area. Make your rental reservation early to ensure availability.

Simply look below to see the various models or call us toll free at 1-(855) 456-4846 if you’re unsure. U-Go Mobility is Hawaii’s #1 mobility rental company and we welcome questions and inquires. We want to make sure your trip to Hawaii is as awesome as it can be! Our goal is to help you do more and see more with your family or friends, so please let us be a local resource when you visit Hawaii.

13 thoughts on “Mobility Scooter and Power Wheelchair Rentals in Hawaii

  1. Nydia Velez-Sepulveda

    Thank-you U-go. We were in Hawaii last Dec. 19th – Dec.26, 2016. I rented a wheelchair for my mom. She went everywhere with us. She enjoyed her trip and is so happy. Your service was excellent. When we arrived at the Hotel it was already there. Patty I can’t thank you enough. Mom is 87 yrs. Old and she tells everyone of the experience and your company.

  2. Nydia E. Velez-Sepulveda

    Thank-you Patty. I can’t thank you enough. We were in Waikiki From Dec.19th to Dec.26, 2016. I rented a wheelchair for my 87 yr. old mom. When we arrived at the Hotel it was already there. Your service was excellent. Mom went everywhere with us. She enjoyed the trip and is so happy. She received VIP service everywhere. Your company is well recommended by us and most importantly by Mom. Once again THANK-YOU.

  3. Nydia E. Velez-Sepulveda

    Thank-you for your service. Mom went everywhere with us. We were in Waikiki From December 19 -26 2016.only 2weeks ago.once again thank-you. She is so happy .

  4. Sharon Calladine

    Thank you Patty! We were in Oahu for an amazing 7 days and having the scooter for my husband was a huge factor in us being able to go and see so many wonderful sites. The service you provide is awesome. The drop off and pick up service was wonderful. Thank you so much.

  5. Colleen L Johnson

    My Name is Colleen Johnson, an I am resident here on the island of Oahu, I have purchased a REVO Scooter a year ago for my husband whom is disabled an can’t walk to far I would like to Thank you folks very much for giving him his mobility back, he just loves his scooter an takes it everywhere, he also rides our public transportation with it, he also takes it with him when he goes to Las Vegas an I have no problem taking it on the Airplane as well there he goes every where with it , just now has to slow him down lol . I also had family/friends that come in to town an also refer them as well to you folks. Thank You.

    Ps: will be calling you folks soon to service his scooter soon as he will be heading to the mainland again

    Thank You Very Much
    Colleen L Johnson

  6. Joey B.

    Mahalo Hugh!!!! You have made the last few days so much more enjoyable than I could’ve imagined.

    I suffer from psoriatic arthritis in my legs, ankles and feet. Recently I have had a pretty bad case where I haven’t been able to be as active with my kids as I normally would be. Unfortunately for me as well as them is this arthritis attack had lingered for a little over 2 months long. Barely able to get out of bed and even worse, much less walk. I was quite at my mental breaking point.
    With this being the Christmas season (you know with shopping, christmas lights etc.)
    I’d tell my wife you and the kids go, I’ll stay home. Well she didn’t like that answer too much but she would go anyway. We were invited to see the Honolulu City Lights on a weekday with my brother in law and his family. My wife really wanted to take the children and so did I. The challenge was my lack of mobility. So I decided I was going… and I would muscle through the pain. Well my wife knew the struggle I would face and that I wouldn’t say anything about the pain until after we were done. So she took to the web. She came across UGOMOBILITY.
    After reading reviews she decided to take a chance. It was quite late in the day (2pm) and we were heading into town that evening. She thought, there would be no way she’d be able to get a rental for tonight. She called anyway on a whim. Hugh answered… after she told him my story, he said YES we have one available! She made the reservation.

    Once she finished her chat with Hugh, she called me and let me know what she booked.
    I was VERY apprehensive at first because I felt if i were to acknowledge my lack of mobility out loud I would feel like a failure.
    After my first ride, I felt FREE!!! As if I got my legs back! My kids, my wife and I were sooo happy!!!! Although we only needed it for a few days, it was the most productive few days I had in months. I was able to take my kids to enjoy the Honolulu City Christmas Lights, go Christmas shopping with my family and just spend some quality time together outside of my home and not have to worry about anything.

    I couldn’t have done it WITHOUT UGOMOBILITY. They strive in providing the most affordable, reliable services and equipment. Fast, easy and convenient drop off and delivery of their products. Their excellence in friendly customer service/experience and compassion for others mobility needs is unlike no other.
    The mobility scooter we rented was the “Portable, Take Apart Scooter.” Its compact, easy to break down/set up, fits in any small car (even a mini coop), battery weighs about 10lbs but detaches easily from the scooter itself (makes charging the battery a breeze), the light on the front was very handy for visibility at night and my wife especially loved the basket in front because she and the kids could put their stuff in it.
    I would HIGHLY recommend UGOMOBILITY

  7. Jeff Stork

    I was in Honolulu with my own Drive brand scooter for the first night of a 10 day Norwegian cruisetour on the Pride of America and realized that I had left my charger cord at home. I tried hoping for a 2 day delivery but only could get one a week later so I called U-Go that night and Hugh was able to deliver a new charger to my hotel the next morning and handle my transaction by phone so that I didn’t miss my tour that day. I found out that he rents scooters to Pride of America and donates scooters used over 6 months to veterans. Thank you U-Go for all that you do to help the mobility impaired enjoy Hawaii!

  8. Mary

    Thank you so much u go scooters we would have been lost without it .
    My husband was able to get around to so many places that he would not have been able to without the scooter you made our holiday experience one the whole family could enjoy.
    Nick, Mary and Dion

  9. Carla Barker

    On our trip to Oahu from 2/21 – 3/4, we did not anticipate needing a wheelchair for a family member but on a Sunday morning, we knew we needed one. Patty & Hugh could not have been more accomodating! They were open on Sunday, were in the area and dropped off a wheelchair to the condo we were renting in Ko Olina and were graciously accomodating when we changed the pick up time as well! The list of wheelchair/scooter friendly sites was very helpful too. This is a 5 star company and 5 star service! Thank you so very much

  10. Brenda A.

    Topnotch Service!
    We were in Oahu for vacation and took my Mom with us who requires oxygen at night. From the moment we made a call and spoke with Patty, everything went so smoothly! Hassle free!
    It will not be fair if I won’t mention Hugh. Hugh, thank you so much for being understanding and considerate.!
    The unit was readily available even before my mother arrived in the hotel. It was such a comfort knowing that Mom will rest easy and enjoy her vacation.
    Thank you both for your excellent service, you truly made our vacation truly a ” Vacation! “

    1. Kelli James

      Hello Brenda! I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your review and let you know how glad we are to hear that everything went so smoothly. We know how important it is to the have the right equipment when away from home, (not to mention how important Mom’s are! ;)), and we love to hear that we could help make your family vacation that much better. Mahalo!


    Can you tell me how much for 2 Mobilty Scooters Deluxe, delivered to our hotel Good Friday next year if possible to deliver that day. We arrive on a cruise ship from Australia, and will need them for 3 days, then we fly home.

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