Why you should rent a mobility scooter during your trip to Hawaii

We can’t think of one reason why anyone should get left behind while the rest of the family goes out exploring cool places around Oahu.

Our goal is to make sure you don’t get left behind and that you can see more and do more during your trip to Hawaii!

Call us! That’s why we exist! You can rent a mobility scooter, power wheelchair or wheelchair to use during your Hawaiian vacation.

Simply make a reservation and a mobility scooter or wheelchair will be delivered to you where you are staying. To ensure availability, it’s best to make your reservation in advance.

An awesome trip with my friend Pauli to the top of Makapu’u Point.

The different types of mobility scooters can be viewed online at ugomobility.com and if you’re not sure, just call us toll free at 1-855-456-4846 and we’ll ask some easy questions to determine which scooter is right for you.

Hawaii is mobility scooter and wheelchair accessibility…

When driving a mobility scooter, look for the blue wheelchair accessible decal, which will identify ramps and elevators to easily direct you to places that you are accessible for wheelchairs and for mobility scooters.

Mobility scooters are not mopeds nor are they golf-carts, therefore they are not allowed to be driven as vehicles on the open road or freeway.

Since a mobility scooter is in a category as an adaptive aide, it is subject to ADA regulations (American Disabilities Act), which is a bonus because you can drive mobility scooters to anywhere a wheelchair is permitted: on all sidewalks, in buildings, inside restaurants, airports or anywhere someone in a wheelchair would be able to go, which is pretty much anywhere!

Mobility scooters are great for traveling around Hawaii, especially in shopping areas such as Waikiki and Ala Moana Shopping Center. Mobility scooters travel range average about 9 to 16 miles per battery charge depending on model you choose. Charging the battery is easy and convenient, just like charging your phone every night. Simply plug it into any electrical outlet while you sleep and voila, you have a full charged mobility scooter at your convenience ready on your adventure around the many places in Waikiki, Ala Moana and just about anywhere on Oahu.

Mobility scooters are fun to drive!

You read that correctly – mobility scooters are fun to drive!

With a mobility scooter you can keep up with your spouse, your family and and friends and go as far as you’d like to see and enjoy the beautiful and historic sites of Oahu in Hawaii. You won’t have to be left behind ever again during your vacation here in Hawaii. You will be able to go and see places you would otherwise not be able to see or do without a mobility scooter.

Using a mobility scooter or power wheelchair at Pearl Harbor or on the USS Arizona Memorial…

Great news to all of you who are going to Pearl Harbor or to the USS Arizona Memorial! Hawaii’s most popular destination is accessible with a mobility scooter or wheelchair rental.

You can drive your mobility scooter right onto the USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor and learn what this important place in U.S. history represents. No one can make this up nor duplicate it anywhere on the planet!

A very special Mahalo to all of our U.S. veterans and active military families’ visitors. We have discounts to honor our special visitors! Just give us a call and mention our U.S. veterans discount and will do the rest. Once again, mahalo for your service!

Taking your mobility scooter or wheelchair on NCL’s Pride of America cruise ship…

If you are going on a cruise, such as the Norwegian’s Pride of America cruise ship, you are allowed to take a mobility scooter or wheelchair to be driven on-board as well as at port.

U-Go Mobility can accommodate cruise passengers who are starting and ending their trip in Honolulu. If you are not starting and ending your trip in Honolulu, call us and we’ll help make connections for the other Hawaiian Islands.

Taking your mobility scooter or wheelchair on the bus…

One great thing about Hawaii’s bus system is that it can accommodate your mobility scooter rental or wheelchair right onto the bus itself. So you won’t need to leave the comforts of your scooter or wheelchair rental as you ride along on the bus. The Bus can take you to the many popular tourist destinations on Oahu such as Ala Moana, Pearl Harbor, USS Missouri, Polynesian Cultural Center and many more. Best of all you can take your mobility scooter rental with you and keep up with just about anyone. In fact, they’ll probably tell you to slow down! Scooter tip #1 – adjust your scooter’s speed to the walking pace of those you are with.

Mobility scooters can be taken on tour buses too, i.e.: coach buses, typically used here in Hawaii to take visitors to key tourist destinations. The driver will stow the scooter in the lower luggage compartments and you will have to go climb up the stairs of the bus to the passenger seats yourself.

Different strokes for different folks! Mobility scooters have different models for different people.

Portable take-apart mobility scooter…

Portable, take-apart mobility scooters disassemble in about 30 seconds for easy transport in the trunk of most any car.  These portable scooters are U-Go Mobility’s most popular model because not only can they fit in most cars for easy transport, they are our most affordable models that we rent out. Click here If your interested in renting a portable take-apart mobility scooter.

Many handi-van taxi services are available to accommodate mobility scooter and wheelchair riders. If you have other questions about renting a mobility scooter in Hawaii, just call us! Or look at our rental order inventory on each of the pages on our website below.

I hope this article was helpful in assuring you that Hawaii is a great destination even for those that have health and mobility issues. Please don’t hesitate to call us with your questions or email us at patti@box2017.temp.domains or call 855-456-4846.

Mahalo and we look forward in seeing you in Hawaii soon!

Hawaii State Flower, Yellow Hibiscus

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