Wheelchairs…. well that’s a vague category for a commonly requested product for families visiting Hawaii with someone who can’t walk very far or can’t walk at all.  Let’s break this category down real quick. A manual wheelchair has large rear wheels so the user can propel themselves using the hand-rims on the large rear wheel or can be pushed by a family member or someone else. A transport wheelchair does not have a large rear wheel with hand-rims, only small casters all the way around, so they have to be pushed by someone. The manual wheelchair is about twice as heavy as a transport wheelchair but both fold and both have swing-away, removable foot rests so they can be detached for transporting the chair. Weight capacities for the manual wheelchair and the transport wheelchair is 250 lbs. The heavy duty wheelchairs and the heavy duty transport wheelchairs have larger seats and a weight capacity of 350 or 400 lbs. Hawaii is hilly, consider a mobility scooters as an option; please view brief video:

Manual Wheelchair

Manual wheelchair with detachable, swing-away footrests.

Transport wheelchair with detachable foot rests

Transport wheelchair with detachable, swing-away foot rests and fold down back.


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  1. Keith

    We will need to rent a collapsable, manual wheelchair from Dec. 5 to Dec. 11. Are you located near the airport in Honolulu?

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