Wheelchair vs. mobility scooter rental, which one is right for you?

The most frequent consideration U-Go Mobility’s customers and their families make is should they rent a wheelchair or a mobility scooter when they come to Hawaii on vacation.

Going on a vacation, which is an extra special vacation if you’re coming to Hawaii, involves a lot more area to cover on foot or even in a wheelchair; thus, if you have mobility issues, having a mobility scooter will not only make your trip more fulfilling because you’ll be able to do more and see more. Having a mobility scooter will help you get around better throughout the larger hotel and resort properties and will also help you get around at the area historic destinations such as Pearl Harbor, Dole Plantation, Waimea Valley & Waterfalls and area attractions such as Ala Moana Mall, Waikiki Beach and shopping areas as well as going out for meals and site-seeing.

All scooters have baskets to carry your treasures you pick up in Hawaii!

There are two main considerations; can the person propel themselves in a manual wheelchair and secondly does the person who would be operating a mobility scooter have the cognitive ability to know when to stop. Sure a family member can push you around but wouldn’t that be a bummer for both you sitting in the wheelchair and the person who has to push you.

People riding in a mobility scooter can enjoy independence, freedom and can join their spouse and loved ones on more strenuous or lengthy activities without getting left behind. The gentleman in the photo below is George. He had his scooter loaded into his brother’s car within 2 minutes of finishing up with us headed for the North Shore! We were not too surprised to see him already sitting in the front passenger seat before we could even leave the resort driveway! Sheer bliss for us!

George with his lovely wife on a vacation in Hawaii

The only time someone should not have a powered mobility scooter or power wheelchair is if they lack the cognitive ability to know when to stop.

First time mobility scooter user

So many times we get to witness big smiles when we see folks on a mobility scooter for the first time. Most Hawaii visitors renting mobility scooters get along fine at home but coming to an awesome Island such as Oahu, no one should get left behind sitting on a bench just because they can’t walk very far.

We are here to help with the rest of the details. There are resources in most communities and the Hawaiian Islands are no different. We have plenty of resources for the massive influx of visitors and we welcome helping them have the best possible, maybe once-in-a-lifetime trip. That’s why we say & share Aloha!