A short travel guide travel guide on the accessibility of Waimea Valley on the northshore of Oahu, Hawaii.

Entryway into Waimea Valley and Waterfalls has an immediate Hawaiian feel to it as soon as you arrive.

It is peaceful and very refreshing from the faster pace of the Honolulu / Waikiki areas. Waimea Valley and Waterfalls, “the Valley of the Priests”, on the North Shore of Oahu is both mobility scooter and wheelchair accessible.

It is a world-class botanical garden and waterfall.

One of the last partially intact ahupua’a (natural land divisions) on Oahu, Waimea Valley consists of 1,875 acres and has been a sacred place for more than 700 years of native Hawaiian history.

Take a casual walk on a paved 3/4 mile pathway, which is scooter and wheelchair accessible and take in hundreds of gorgeous plants, flowers and birds which leads to the waterfalls.

Swimming is available at the waterfalls. Life jackets are provided free of charge. Changing rooms, restrooms and snack stands are available as well as a gift shop.

Waimea Valley has some mild grade pathways so pushing someone in a manual wheelchair would most likely become fatiguing and exhausting.

A mobility scooter will afford the rider independence and freedom and allow the one they’re visiting with to enjoy the park as well. Everyone enjoys freedom and independence!


Waimea Valley & Waterfalls giant foliage

Cultural activities are offered throughout the week and are included in the visitor admission. Discover the true meaning of Aloha at Waimea Valley!

Waimea Valley & Waterfalls has hands on cultural activities daily.

There are several peacocks in the park and they don’t mind getting up close and personal with people for an ideal photo opp. They do not like sharing crackers with the other wild roosters and chickens however! The photo of the peacock on this page went on for 20 minutes fussing over a crumbled cracker in the parking lot because chickens and roosters were also trying to get a bite!

Many exotic birds call Waimea Valley home!

Admission is $15, seniors $7.50. It’s an easy, scenic drive from the Honolulu area; just take the H-1 Freeway west to the H-2 Freeway north and continue following the signs for the North Shore. Located along the ocean at 59-864 Kamehameha Hwy., Hale’iwa, Hawaii 96712. Phone: (808) 638-7766. Please visit their website for additional information: www.waimeavalley.net