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UGo Mobility Rental Extension Policy

At UGo Mobility, we cherish the sense of freedom and independence our rental equipment brings to our customers. We’re committed to supporting you at every step of your journey. We’ve noticed that many of our customers experience such a renewed sense of independence that they jokingly tell us they’re tempted to take the equipment home! We take it as a compliment, a testament to the liberating experience our mobility aids provide. But remember, as much as we love hearing how much you’ve enjoyed your newfound mobility, we do need our equipment back for the next adventurer!

  1. 72-Hour Advance Notice:

    We’re always happy when our customers are having such a blast that they want to extend their rental. To keep the good times rolling, we encourage you to let us know at least 72 hours in advance as most of our customers reserve their equipment 3-6 months ahead of time. While we can’t always guarantee availability (our scooters are popular, they’ve got a busy social calendar!), the sooner we know, the better we can try to juggle things around for you. We’ll always go the extra mile to keep you cruising if we possibly can.

  2. Extensions Requested at Short Notice:

    We understand that sometimes, changes in plans can be sudden and unexpected. However, please note that requests for extensions made at the last minute are dependent on the availability of our equipment and our logistics schedule. As many of our customers plan their Oahu vacations well in advance, we cannot always guarantee the availability of equipment for last-minute extensions. We strive to honor the schedules of all our customers, so If we are able to accommodate a last-minute extension, the following additional fees will be applicable:

    Mobility Scooter: $38 per day

    Wheelchair: $12 per day

    Knee Scooter Rental: $12

    Rollator: $12

    Non-Powered Mobility Equipment: $12

    Please note that an additional pickup fee and an extra rental day charge will also apply. The exact fee depends on your location and other specific factors. To get detailed information about these charges, we kindly ask you to contact UGo Mobility and speak directly with a member of our dedicated Customer Care Team. They’ll be more than happy to provide you with all the necessary information and assist you further.

  3. Extension Limit:

    At UGo Mobility, we do not impose a maximum limit on how long a customer can extend their rental as long as there is continued availability.

  4. Late Returns:

    We coordinate our pickup times with hotel checkout times. If you are running late and have not notified us in advance, an additional pickup fee and an extra rental day charge will apply. However, most times, with advanced notice, we can accommodate late returns without any additional charges.

  5. Health Emergencies:

    We understand that health emergencies can occur unexpectedly. In such cases, we will work with you to extend, or shorten, your rental period as needed. Please contact us by phone as soon as possible to discuss the situation and make the necessary arrangements.

  6. Extension Fee and Payment Terms:

    Our rental fees operate on a sliding scale—the longer you rent, the less the daily fee. For exact pricing details, we encourage customers to contact us in Customer Care at (808) 212-9929. We strive to offer both short-term and long-term pricing that is reasonable and competitive. Payment for the extension is due at the time of the extension request, or shortly thereafter.

  7. Cancellation of Extension:

    At UGo Mobility, we do not charge a fee for cancelling an extension. We aim to offer as much flexibility as possible to accommodate our customers’ needs. Shortened extensions will be charged appropriately, according to the timeframe you have the equipment in your possession.

  8. Non-availability of Equipment:

    While it is rare, there may be instances when the specific equipment a customer is using is not available for extension due to it being booked by another customer as most of our customers schedule their reservations many months in advance. In such cases, we can often switch out the equipment for a different but similar piece, ensuring our customers’ mobility needs continue to be met.

  9. Extension Approval:

    The extension is not confirmed until the customer receives a confirmation of date, time and location from UGo Mobility. If you have not received this conformation, you must contact us via Customer Care at (808) 212-9929. This ensures that both parties are clear on the extension terms.

  10. Extension Request Process:

    If you’re having such a great time that you’d like to extend your rental, simply reach out to UGo Mobility via text message or phone call. Be ready to provide necessary details such as the name of the person registered on the account, the type of equipment, and the desired extension period. Remember, your extension isn’t confirmed until we’ve received payment. If you encounter any issues during this process, don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Care Team. They’re always ready to assist and ensure your UGo Mobility experience continues to be smooth and enjoyable.