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Renting a power wheelchair from Ugo Mobility


Renting a power, motorized wheelchair during your family vacation in Hawaii is just as easy as renting a mobility scooter. 

The key difference is that power wheelchairs, often referred to as electric wheelchairs, are driven with a joystick that can be mounted on the left or right side of the arm rest. 

Some people prefer this product group if they already use a power wheelchair at home or those who find it uncomfortable to have their hands and arms extended as necessary to operate a mobility scooter. 

We had a customer who had shoulder surgery before coming on vacation in Hawaii. Her arm was required to remain in a sling to heal so she could not use a scooter. But a power, motorized wheelchair was an ideal option! 

A disability should not limit anyone from going to the popular historic sites that Oahu has to offer. Places  such as Pearl Harbor, Dole Plantation, Waimea Valley, Polynesian Cultural Center  or the many beautiful Hawaiian sites that so many people from around the world come here for.  

Weight capacity for power wheelchairs is 300 lbs. or 250 lbs for the personal transporter model.

To rent a power wheelchair or personal transporter click here.

Pronto 31 power wheelchar

Pronto 31 power wheelchar

Here's a compact portable scooter disassembled.

Here’s a compact portable scooter disassembled.


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