“Personal care and genuine kindness”


Great Family Memories

Great Family Memories


Steven LaClaire

My mother turned 60 on November 21. She wanted to be in Hawaii when she did so she enlisted my wife and I to chaparone. It only took one day to realize that the joint pain she experiences daily would severely limit her ability to experience paradise in any bountiful manner.

On a hunch I started Googling scooter rentals and fould Vespa type bikes. After a few attempts I found a few places in the Honolulu area that rented mobility scooters. Mostly the listings were not helpful. Then I found U-Go Mobility with beautiful images and descriptions of each unit and very clear pricing and delivery details. I signed her up and we were excited!

The next day we me Hugh. Hugh was over-the-top accomodating! It was so evident that his number one priority was to ensure that my mother had an incredible vacation. It didn’t even seem like he was at all concerned over the business end of it. He was quick to respond with every question we had and never made us feel like we were inconveniencing him (and I can assure you we were!).

Needless to say the freedom of moving about without pain was liberating for Mom and emotionally satisfying for me and my wife. Thanks to Hugh and his wife we all had a more incredible Hawaiian experience than we could have dreamed of.

Yes, we could have gained the same freedom with a scooter from another company but I can guarantee you will not experience the personal care and genuine kindness you will from Hugh at U-Go. There is absolutely no reason what-so-ever to consider another company.

A most sincere “mahalo” to you, Hugh. You truly are one of the good guys!
Steven and Leah LaClaire and Marion Storozuk aka Gramma

Dole Plantation

Dole Plantation

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