This is a short guide on how to tour and travel around Pearl Harbor using a mobility scooter or wheelchair rental

Pearl Harbor is located in Honolulu, on the island of Oahu, and it’s s strategic naval base in the middle of the Pacific. On the morning of December 7th, 1941, over 350 Japanese fighter planes attacked the base. The attack lasted for approximately two hours and had a heavy toll on both soldiers and civilians. Over 2400 people were killed during the attack; about half of them were civilians. Today Pearl Harbor is not only a strategic naval base in the Pacific region of the United States, but it is a important landmark memorial to honor those that perished during the attack.

USS Arizona Memorial, Pearl Harbor

What are the Attractions to see in Pearl Harbor?

Pearl Harbor is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Hawaii, attracting more than two million visitors each year. Within Pearl Harbor, you will find the USS Arizona Memorial, Pearl Harbor Visitor Center, USS Missouri Battleship, USS Bowfin Submarine, and the Pacific Aviation Museum.

The Pearl Harbor visitor center accommodates about 4,500 visitors daily. Tours in this park are free. It includes a history documentary film, time to wander around the park and a boat trip to the USS Arizona Memorial. Tickets are limited each day. Some are reserved and some are available to walk-ins. We recommend that you come a little later in the day away from the crowd in the morning. You can also reserve in advance and wander around in the park and for an hour or so before getting on a boat to the USS Arizona Memorial.

Advice for Seniors Visiting Pearl Harbor

It’s important to be prepared for your trip to Pearl Harbor, especially seniors and people with mobility and endurance issues. 

The USS Arizona Memorial and the USS Oklahoma Memorial are actually entirely wheelchair accessible. If you’re in a wheelchair, or if your a senior that has trouble with walking and have mobility issues, you’ll find that Pearl Harbor in Honolulu is wheelchair accessible and will take your portable or foldable mobility scooter to the memorial in Pearl Harbor. 

 Wheelchair rentals is available in Pearl Harbor and on the USS Arizona Memorial, but you need to reserve them in advance.  If you have a disability, or your a senior with mobility issues,  the accessibility at Pearl Harbor memorial is what can help you get in and around the memorial. 

There’s good news though, you can rent a wheelchair in Pearl Harbor with Pearl Harbor wheelchair rentals agency, so you can get around much more smoothly. 

We highly recommend that you go with  U-go Mobility. They offer excellent customer service and have helped many seniors and travelers with disabilities tour Pearl Harbor using a mobility scooter rental instead of a wheelchair. U-go Mobility offers portable scooter and midsize scooters that can easily disassemble and be placed in the trunk of most rental cars. You will want to rent one because the wheelchair rentals at Pearl Harbor are limited – and you won’t have the freedom to move around freely and independently as you would with a mobility scooter. 

Take advantage of U-go Mobility’s free pickup and delivery service by booking your reservation ahead of time. During peak season we do run out of inventory so it’s best to insure you have a mobility scooter reservation secured during Hawaiian vacation. 

Mobility Scooters for People with Disability

Preparing your trip to Pearl Harbor as a Senior or someone with mobility and endurance issues

Compared to a wheelchair, a mobility scooter will allow you more freedom to move around without having to rely on someone to push you.  U-go Mobility has two types of mobility scooters that we recommend to your trip to Pearl Harbor: The first is the micro-portable mobility scooter, and the second is the midsize mobility scooter. 

Both of these are designed to allow you to get around easily and smoothly anywhere you go. While on a wheelchair you will be dependant on others to push you along the way. 

Throughout the memorial there are paved sidewalks and ramps to get you just about anywhere you need to go. Even when getting onto the boat a ramp is setup up for easily accessibility for your mobile scooter to go through. 

So don’t worry whether if Pearl Harbor is accessible or not. It’s fully accessible and having a mobility scooter during your trip will make a world of different in making your trip to Hawaii fun and enjoyable. 

Call U-go Mobility to reserve your mobility scooter during your vacation. We guarantee excellent customer service and support during your vacation.