“I will recommend then without reservation”

Richard Fox,  Boynton Beach, Florida

Favorite places we went: Polynesian Cultural Center, submarine, Sea Life Park, scootered all along Kalakau in Waikiki, Ala Moana Shopping Center, Hanauna Bay, drive around Oahu, also went to Maui, and Kaui.

Barbara and I just arrived at the Honolulu airport and waiting to be driven to our hotel in Koalina. We watched Patti showing a client how to use the scooter she was renting to this client. We got talking and she explained I had ordered the wrong type of scooter from another agency. There on the sidewalk we cancelled our ordered scooter and rented a three-wheeled scooter from Patti for much less cost, I was instructed on how to disassemble, and assemble the scooter and how to drive it, Patti assured me that her husband would pick up the scooter and deliver it to my Waikiki hotel as well as picking it up at the end of my stay without additional fees. Their scooter serviced me perfectly during our entire stay in Honolulu. Patti and Hugh are wonderful, honest accommodating people to befriend, and to do business with. I will recommend then without reservation and wish them the best in their scooter rental business.

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