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U-Go Mobility Delivers mobility products and oxygen!

U-Go Mobility delivers mobility products and oxygen!


Our goal is that you get the most out of your Hawaiian Vacation on Oahu. Rather than wasting your time trying to find us, we take that stress away by coming to you!  By having your arrival time into Honolulu, we adjust our delivery time accordingly.

thebuspicWe can help select the best product to meet your needs and activity plans, show you how to disassemble for transport or prepare for transporting by tour buses and city buses.

Hawaii tour buses take visitors to Oahu's favorite attractions

Hawaii tour buses take visitors to Oahu’s favorite attractions

Delivery of mobility scooters, power wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs of all kinds and oxygen is free of charge to Waikiki Beach resorts, Honolulu hotels, Kapolei and the Ko’Olina Resort areas.  We are the preferred vendor for Ko’Olina Resort properties. As a help, we provide information on accessible attractions on Oahu which may include possible challenging terrains and safety instructions. At that time we will make sure that the mobility scooter, power wheelchair or manual wheelchair is right for you and the activities you and your family may have planned. Not sure what you want to do while you’re here?  We will give you our customers’ top picks of places to go here on Oahu; all of which are wheelchair and mobility scooter accessible.

Norwegian Pride of America Cruise Ship

Norwegian Pride of America Cruise Ship

If you are cruising on the Norwegian Pride of America inner island cruise, we can deliver your mobility product to the cruise terminal, pier 2, on the day you set sail and pick-up the day you come back which is a Sat. leaving and returning.

If your trip includes flying to the outer Islands (i.e.:  Maui, Big Island, Kauai) you can take your scooter, wheelchair or power chair with you if you are returning to the Honolulu Airport before you go home.  Most of the outer island flights go in and out of the Hawaiian Airlines terminal.

Windward side of Oahu

Windward side of Oahu

If you are staying in the beautiful town of Kailua on Oahu’s gorgeous windward side, we also offer free delivery and pick up with weekly rentals.  Most rental properties in Kailua are condominiums or private rental houses.

Hawaiian Sea Turtles on the North Shore of Oahu

Hawaiian Sea Turtles on the North Shore of Oahu

If you are staying on the North Shore such as Turtle Bay, we will deliver but unfortunately due to the price of gas, we charge a $25 delivery fee; however, many people elect to avoid this fee by meeting us at the Honolulu Airport or car rental agency.  A word of of caution:  (this is a real story) we had 4 woman show up packed to the gills with luggage and they rented a Ford Mustang convertible and thought they could fit all their bags in the car. Although a portable mobility scooter or manual wheelchair takes up about the same space as single suitcase, there was no way that was going to work!  We actually ending not only bringing the scooter up to the north shore but half their luggage!  Luckily another family arrived the next day with an additional rental car!  It was very funny!  The grand-daughter rented and drove the car without a thought of what all was going in it including Grandma and her mobility scooter rental!

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