Differences between a Mobility Scooters vs. Wheelchairs

What are the differences between a Mobility Scooter vs. a Wheelchair and WHY its important to know during your vacation

Time after time, we get contacted for wheelchair rentals because people find it very obvious that their loved one or they themselves can’t walk very far for a variety of reasons.

While we do have wheelchair rentals, we often have the conversation of renting a mobility scooter. Nine times out of ten most people didn’t know they could rent a mobility scooter or power wheelchair. They also didn’t realize we had models that are easily transported in a small compact rental car that they often have while vacationing or visiting Hawaii.

Almost everyone wants to explore the fascinating Island of Oahu and our goal is simply to help people do more and see more!

We are so disappointed when we see someone left behind from their family because they can’t walk very far and we often approach them to discuss mobility scooters whenever we can. Here’s a photo of what we typically see as an example of someone limited by their mobility.

While we know the gentleman in this top photo is probably content to sit by the beautiful beach lagoon, we also know he would have a whole lot more fun and excitement to join his family at any of the breathe-taking sites Oahu has to offer.

View from the top of the pathway to the Pakapu’u Lighthouse!

Places such as a trip to the top of the Makapu’u Lighthouse on the Windward side of the Island (east) which is a great site-seeing trip too. The Hawaiian Humpback Whale sanctuary is also in these particular waters too usually between Dec. through March which is very exciting to watch for the whales to surface.

An awesome trip to the top of the Makapu’u Lighthouse!

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