Transporting Mobility Scooters

See more and do more with a lightweight portable mobility scooter! What about transporting your rental mobility product?  The first question that we’ll ask you is do you plan on transporting the mobility scooter or power chair, motorized wheelchair in a rental car or a family member’s vehicle?  If the answer is “yes”, then we would most likely consider a compact, travel scooter or a power wheelchair, personal transporter that is designed to disassemble easily to transport.  Lets take a look…

Here's a compact portable scooter disassembled.

Here’s a compact portable scooter disassembled.

Easy disassembly for transport!

Easily disassembles for transport!



Riding aboard Hawaii’s city bus system with a mobility scooter….

The Honolulu city bus system has powered ramps that you can ride your mobility scooter or power / motorized wheelchair right on to board the bus.  Look for the handicap decal to identify these buses that travel the entire Island of Oahu.

Handicap Accessible!

Handicap Accessible!                         

Bus #55 circles the entire Island of Oahu and you can get on and off at many stops and then continue on.  $2.50 to ride… get inexpensive way to get around and not be stressed by the traffic.

What about taking the scooters and chairs on a plane to the other Islands? You can bring mobility scooters and wheelchairs up to 100 lbs. right up to the check-in counter and the airlines will take them to your destination free of charge.  This only applies if the user is present and requires this equipment because they cannot walk or walk long distances which is the main reason people rent the products to begin with.  U-Go Mobility can only accommodate people leaving and returning to the Honolulu International Airport because we do not have pick-up or return of rental scooters and wheelchairs on the neighboring Hawaiian Islands at this time.

Norwegian Pride of America Cruise Ship

Norwegian Pride of America Cruise Ship

What about cruise ships that port in Honolulu?  You can bring mobility scooters, power or motorized wheelchairs and wheelchairs on cruise ships free of charge too.  Again, we can accommodate people leaving from and returning to the Port of Honolulu only.  If you are ported in Honolulu for a day or so, we can accommodate you while you are here and deliver right to the cruise terminal when you come into port.  Delivery and pick-up is free in Honolulu!


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