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    1. Hugh Talty Post author

      I’m sorry for the delay. We do not use this as our primary communication. Unfortunately we do not. I do not know of anyone on the island that carries that type of scooter here on Oahu. We worry about the motor size. There are a lot of steep hills, driveways and places customers want to go. Our experience is that the motors have to be stronger that provided on that type of scooter. The closest we have is a Pride GoGO Elite which is portable and can fit in the trunk of a small car. We usually will meet you after you land and show you how to operate it and take it apart to make sure your comfortable with it before we process any rental fee.
      I hope that helps and let me know if you need further help
      You can contact Patti at 808-349-3314 if you want to talk about your options

    1. Hugh Talty Post author

      Aloha Bill;
      Im sorry for the late response. This is not our primary way of communication. Yes we do. If you need further help please call Patti at 808-349-3314.

  1. Karleen Kurys

    Sorry just set up a reservation for tomorrow. It came back with 9 PM but I need it for 9 am. Thank you. Karleen Kurys

    1. Hugh Talty Post author

      I’m Sorry. I just got your request. Can you call Patti at 808-349-3314. I have not seen any Reservation Request come in.
      Thank you
      Hugh Talty
      UGo Mobility

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