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“My mother made me do it!”

U-Go Mobility was founded by Patti Coale and Hugh Talty.

Both of our mothers utilized power wheelchairs. We saw first-hand how mobility scooters, power wheelchairs and the proper equipment could change the quality of one’s life and one’s experiences.  Having the right equipment gave our mothers the ability to see and do more throughout the day. Our mothers gave us a first-hand understanding that the most valuable thing one possesses is their time and the freedom to choose their activities.  Although our mothers are gone, we continue to carry their spirit to give back. So we thought what better way to honor our parents than to “pay it forward” by helping vacationers see more and do more.  Hugh’s mother was always asking him to “make it go faster and last longer!”  Hugh replied to her, “I can’t keep up with you now and if I make it faster it”ll have to be registered at DMV and I’ll have to add blinkers to it!” Incidentally, we carry a scooter with blinkers and lights. We truly know how important it is to have a wide selection of products to best meet everyone’s needs.

Patti is a licensed health care professional with over 25 years of experience.  For the last 14 years her expertise has been in helping fit mobility products correctly for each individual while taking into account the desired daily activities and terrains. Both Patti and Hugh, from taking care of loved ones, recognized the importance of giving individual care to everyone; thus, U-Go Mobility was born. U-Go Mobility’s primary service is vacation scooter rentals. The company rotates products and typically scooters aren’t more than six-months old and are well maintained.

 We would do the same for our folks so why not for you?
Thanks Betty & Linda!

Thanks Betty & Linda!


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